Soul. Spirit. The Divine Feminine and You.

Courses, teachings, support and guidance for those seeking to embody the feminine way.

Divine Feminine Sacred Academy

About Us

The Divine Feminine is that part of your Soul that is supportive of your intuition, your creativity, your sensuality and your need to be of service in a supportive and collaborative way.   ~ Kerrie Wearing

Hi, I'm Kerrie Wearing a spiritual leader and I connect women to their Divine Feminine empowering their sense of self, their creativity and their Mediumship abilities, so they can live a life guided by love, purpose and Spirit.

Here in the Divine Feminine Sacred Academy you will find courses, guidance, help and support on the following:

Living with the Divine Feminine


Manifesting with the Divine Feminine

Self Love

Psychic and Mediumship development

Empath Sensitivities

Soul Centered relationships

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